Angry resident refuses to pay her ‘ridiculous’ fine

Alison Owen with her Parking Charge Notice
Alison Owen with her Parking Charge Notice

A resident says she feels “victimised” after being issued a parking fine for leaving her car outside her home – for 31 seconds too long.

Alison Owen, who has lived at The Wharf, Linslade for four-and-a-half years, was issued with the ticket by Park Direct UK because her vehicle was left outside her designated bay for slightly longer than the minute-long drop-off grace period.

The 53-year-old said: “I had been visiting my friends and I had heavy bags so I parked outside the building so I could take the bags up.

“I have suffered from a prolapsed disc for years and I 
recently fractured my foot 
and broke my toe, so it was a struggle to carry the heavy bags.

“I think the fine and the parking at The Wharf is ridiculous.

“It does not allow us to have visitors over and we cannot even purchase permits for the local roads in the area.”

The letter she received confirms the car was parked for 91 seconds and because she hasn’t paid up yet, the 
parking charge has risen to £100.

Ms Owen said: “I was sent a letter by CS2 Residential Management that stated that they believed there was a drop off time of ten minutes, but now Park Direct are saying it is one minute.

“It is disgraceful that no-one seems to know and I’m the one being punished.”

A spokesman for Park Direct said: “This vehicle was parked outside of a designated bay.

“This person has appealed three times and we have given her a verification code to take to POPLA which is an independent appeals company set up by the government.

“All landlords were informed about the parking enforcement at this location last year and the signs have been in place since last year.”

She added: “I will not pay it out of principal, it needs to be clear what the drop off time is.”

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