Author aged just 10 is certainly something to write home about

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A student at Leighton Middle School has become one of the town’s youngest authors after publishing her first book.

Rebecca Hammett, age 10, has written Sapphire, a story about a teenage girl who performs for a circus and goes on all sorts of adventures with her friends.

Described as a “lively, humorous story” for girls, Rebecca wrote its 32,810 words over three months between December and February.

With the help of her mum Jane, who is an editor, she uploaded it to self-publishing website Smashwords, designed its cover and made it available for free.

Having completed Sapphire, the Jacqueline Wilson fan is now working on a number of short stories.

Rebecca said: “I’m not really sure where the idea came from but I’ve wanted to write it for a while and I started just before Christmas.

“Sometimes it was difficult but once you have got started it gets much easier.”

Mike Moran, of the Leighton Buzzard Writers Group, described Sapphire as “an exceptional piece of work”.

He said: “It is written with assurance and confidence and Rebecca handles her material well, showing considerable skill when handling moments of sudden drama and in dialogue, which flows very well and moves the story forward at a good pace.

Rebecca explores the character of Sapphire skilfully and presents her as a fully rounded person with all her hopes, fears and doubts. This is writing of considerable depth and power and I look forward to Rebecca’s next work.”

You can read Rebecca’s e-book by searching for her name on