Author swaps pages for packages to give Ghana children an education

Annette Showler
Annette Showler

A Linslade author has entered a new chapter in her life after being inspired to help underprivileged children living in Ghana.

Annette Showler has joined a small team of volunteers from the UK to collect books, pencils, exercise books, soft toys, beads and good quality clothing for the school children of Osofoaman, in Accra.

Annette said: “I first got to hear about the village and it’s children through friend and fellow author Patricia Senior, who lives in Bolton.

“Through Pat’s friendship with Seth, a Sunday School teacher in the village of Osofoaman, Accra, she discovered the children needed writing materials/books and other learning essentials.

“Initially, these were sent by Pat, then soft toys, good quality clothes and other essentials were donated by friends and neighbours. I heard about her involvement and wanted to help in any way I could.

“Through Facebook, and the Leighton Buzzard Local Selling page, I was given permission to post details and photo’s of the children and their school. Within hours, donations of soft toys, books etc. were being offered. I have spent the past two weeks collecting items and it has been a joy to pack and send them off to Patricia, for shipping out to Osofoaman, through a larger UK charity.

“With so much ‘naming and shaming’ going on in society, I’m grateful to the LBO for letting me do this ‘name and praise’ piece, and highlighting the goodwill that has come from the many generous folk in Leighton Buzzard and beyond. I would like to say a really big, thank you to everyone who has contributed.

“What has really touched my heart is that, despite our own leaner times, Leighton Buzzard folk have spent cash and dug deep, to provide the much needed essentials and a few luxuries for the children of Osofoaman.

“Their delight at receiving the gifts was beautiful to see, and has made the work even more worth while!”

If you would like to know more about the project, email