Badger latrine plagues Leighton garden

Robert Millgate showing areas of his garden damaged by badgers, Leighton Buzzard.
Robert Millgate showing areas of his garden damaged by badgers, Leighton Buzzard.

A frustrated pensioner has been left with no options after badgers ruined his garden.

Bob Millgate, 85, approached Central Bedfordshire Council for help in clearing the badgers from his garden in Windsor Avenue, Leighton.

After being told they could offer no assistance due to the animals’ protected status, the retired soldier and engineer resolved to do most of the repair work himself.

But when the badgers started using the garden as their special ‘latrine’, Bob decided enough was enough and contacted the LBO.

He said: “It’s a real problem and I’ve been putting up with it for seven months.

“They first started coming through the wire fence and we put up some netting to keep them out. I have seen them here in the evening.”

The badgers have clawed a large tunnel through to the rear of the garden, damaging a wooden fence that has stood for 40 years and costing the Millgates £750.

Elsewhere, a large, roughly-hewn hole next to a flowerbed marks where the badgers have made their special area.

Besides spoiling the garden’s appearance, the latrine emits an unpleasant odour that is worrying for the family.

Wife Sheila, 80, said: “We really don’t know what else we can do.

“Our grandchildren like to play in the garden and the youngest is only 15-months-old.”

Cllr Brian Spurr, Executive Member for Community Services, said: “Our team visited the property and offered advice about taking steps to deal with badgers burrowing into the gardens such as improving fencing and installing heavy-gauge underground wire.

“We are very sympathetic with Mr and Mrs Millgate’s situation.”

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