Blue badge holder’s anger over parking accusations

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A disabled man who campaigned for a zebra crossing at Heath and Reach has fallen foul of parking restrictions.

David Kazer, 48, suffers from osteoarthritis and as a blue-badge holder he is entitled to park on the double yellow lines at Bird’s Hill – near the crossing – for up to three hours at a time.

But in the last few months, he has received two letters from Bedfordshire Police warning him against parking on the crossing.

Last week, the LBO reported how police were beginning to clamp down on repeat offenders, with six police visits being made and over 200 letters sent out.

ButMr Kazer has hit back at the letters he has received and said: “As a driver of 30 years, I can promise you I would never park on a zebra crossing.

“I was a great advocate of the crossing and I felt safer for the kids knowing it’s there.

“I understand they’re trying to stop drivers parking where they shouldn’t, but I know the law, I’m following the rules and have still been targeted.”

Mr Kazer – who has had both his hips replaced – described sitting in his car at Bird’s Hill as a woman attempted to take pictures with her mobile phone, shortly before the first of the letters arrived.

He added: “It’s a waste of police time.”

A spokesman for Bedfordshire Police stated they were confident all letters sent out were justified and the drivers involved were parked incorrectly.

The zebra crossing on Bird’s Hill was set up as part of a £90,000 traffic-calming package for the village last year after residents had lobbied for more than 20 years.