Boxing clever to battle cancer

A former Cedars student took to a boxing ring for a charity fight night – just 12 weeks after putting on the gloves for the first time.

Lamorna Harpin has raised £1,275 for Bradley’s Foundation for children and young people with cancer.

The 32-year-old embarked on a gruelling training regime at a professional boxing gym ahead of the CRN Fight Night bout with Charlotte Tunstall.

Having previously taken part in a charity skydive, Lamorna, who now lives near Basingstoke, is no stranger to leaving her comfort zone in aid of a good cause and was determined to ensure there was female representation at the event.

Her mum, Miranda, of Grasmere Way, said: “She partly decided to do it because she went to the fight night last year and it was all men. They had only had girls doing it two years previously.

“Only three girls applied and they said Lamorna might not be chosen – it would depend on whether they could find someone of a similar weight to match her with. She was chuffed that she got chosen.”

Miranda added: “She said the first round went very well, then the second round was not quite so good, her contact lens got knocked out but she carried on. At the end of the round her trainer told her to concentrate on footwork and get in more punches. The third and final round she came out in front and was declared the winner.

The CRN Fight Night, held at The Brewery in London on May 22, has raised over £180,000 since first taking place in 2008.

You can still support Lamorna via