Eyeing world record for fixing a toilet seat!

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Leighton company Minnit Solutions is looking to get into the Guinness Book of World Records for the world’s fastest toilet seat fixing.

The Brooklands Drive firm applied for the record after inventing a fixing which allows an attached toilet seat to be removed and reattached in less than 45 seconds.

In the late stages of 2012, Minnit Solutions released their new invention which means you don’t need under-pan access to attach a seat.

The company is devoted to resolving problems in and around the home.

Managing director Matthew Brown, 21, said: “Our first invention, the Minnit Solutions Toilet Seat Fixing, is the answer to the question ‘why does it take so long to change my toilet seat?’ We have invented a solution to this problem and we believe that it has the potential to replace the current methods of securing the majority of the UK’s toilet seats. Our product also solves the issues of loose toilet seats, making the pan easier to clean on a more regular basis as well as ensuring that the porcelain is not damaged due to rusty or too tight fixings.

“Our new toilet seat fixing, once applied, takes only a minute to fit and seconds to change. This new fixing will never become rusty and damage the porcelain; it is easy to replace and to clean.

“ It removes any need for the user to be underneath the pan as it is applied solely from the standing position. It saves anyone using our fixing from having to buy expensive branded toilet seats to overcome the design of the toilet.

“There are roughly 22.5 million homes in the UK, the toilet seats in these are changed, on estimate, once every five years. This provides us with roughly five million potential sales every year. We are anticipating going into production and selling within Europe, Australia and Potentially the United States of America within the next 15 years.

“We are selling on a national scale, we also anticipate international and potentially global interest within the coming years. Baring this in mind we already have acquired a UK, EU and a US patent ensuring that we are the only people in the world able to produce our product.”

Matthew worked with his father, Joseph, to come up with the invention.

He added: “We decided to set up the company a year ago as a design engineering company to try and improve some of those annoying chores around the home. To help make life just that little bit easier. And this is our first creation. Once we have set the ball rolling with this product we are going to to research what other aspects we can improve around the home.




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