Expanding medical firm opens new Leighton warehouse

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Medical Supermarket has launched a new warehouse, holding 8,000 medical product lines in Grovebury Road, Leighton Buzzard.

Medical Supermarket was launched in 2010 by Nick Coleman and Udhi Silva to help GP surgeries save money on everything they bought from pens and paper to minor surgery instruments.

The model adopted meant that any order a customer placed was delivered directly by the chosen distributor or manufacturer. Four years on the business has evolved to selling to care homes, hospitals, dentists and even attracted the interest of big brand restaurants and hotels.

Mr Silva said: “We wanted to run our own facility as we wanted to provide our customers with even more value for money, better delivery times, more innovative products and improved pricing.

“We have invested heavily in our IT and logistics ensuring we continue to innovate and wow our customers each and every time they interact with us.”

Nick added: “Predominately we have been an online retailer and similar to how Amazon started in the 90s we used our suppliers to store our products and when orders came in they dispatched directly to our customer.

“However as our growth has been so strong and with opportunities to increase our range and provide a better service to our customers we wanted to open up our own facility.

“We viewed many different locations around the Midlands, south west and south east of England and we located the warehouse in Leighton Buzzard due to geographic location, a strong supply of qualified and experienced people to work for us and a facility that suited us perfectly.”

For more information email hello@medical-supermarket.com or call 0844 824 8188.