Making millionaires through forgotten inventions

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Two entrepreneurs who own an accountancy firm in Soulbury have appeared on a Sky TV show aiming to breathe life into forgotten inventions.

Tony Sarin and Tim Shaw are chairman and managing director respectively of the Clark Howes Group, who are based in Liscombe Park.

Tony Sarin

Tony Sarin

They have signed up as potential investors for Make Me A Millionaire Inventor, which sees engineers Shini Somara and Jem Stansfield delve into the UK’s patent archives and pay surprise visits to designers of creations that didn’t make it off the ground to find out where it all went wrong.

Aided by a team of experts, they help the would-be-inventors structure a business plan, produce and market test a prototype and coach them on how to pitch their product.

Then comes the moment of truth as they showcase their ideas to real-life potential investors and industry buyers.

Tony said: “The concept is something that really spoke to us as entrepreneurs and business owners ourselves.

“We both have vast experience in starting up and managing businesses as well as taking products to market.

“Being able to not only act as investors but as advisers and mentors to someone looking to tread a similar path is greatly rewarding.”

Tony and Tim’s first offer of investment, to Irish creator Declan McDonnell, unfortunately proved unsuccessful.

He came up with the Xpanda Bra, a maternity nursing bra with adjustable cup sizes which enable it to fit not only throughout the pregnancy but also through the process of breastfeeding.

They could not convince Declan, though, to give the product one last shot despite their support and expertise.

Tim said: “We liked the product and though we did make an offer, Declan decided not to go forwards with it.”

Make Me A Millionaire Inventor’s eight episodes started last month, on April 13, and continue weekly on the Sky Pick channel every Sunday night at 7pm.