Red alert! It’s a Saturday special in Leighton town centre

Shoppers in Leighton Buzzard high street
Shoppers in Leighton Buzzard high street

Independent traders won’t quite be painting the town red this weekend, but a special event is certainly looking to give Leighton a rosier outlook.

You’ve heard of Black Friday – a shopping sales tradition imported from the States – and now Leighton is showing it means business by launching Red Saturday.

Retailers are coming together to offer shoppers and plethora of offers and deals.

The first event takes place on May 3 and it’s then planned to repeat the iniative on the first Saturday of each month for at least six months.

A statement from the 40 traders backing the initiative said: “We want to give the High Street the boost it deserves. Shoppers can reap the benefits of a new concept in the town.

“Offers will be abundant in the high street with shops offering a range of incentives to shop with them.

“The Red Saturday concept is simple and over 40 shops are now ready to give shoppers some amazing offers. Red balloons will mark the shops that are joining in on the day and a poster will be displayed in the window telling customers what their offer is.

“Offers could include a percentage off of goods, free drink with lunch, raffles and giveaways. Every shop will be offering something different which makes the idea even more interesting. We want shoppers to enjoy wandering around town looking for offers and finding shops they may not have visited before.”

“Red Saturday has come about as a collective approach to offer something to shoppers which will encourage them to shop locally and bring community back to the high street.

“It is fact that for every pound spent with a small business 63p of it stays in the local economy. If shoppers spend in Leighton Buzzard it allows the high street to grow, expand and offer new jobs to local people.

“Leighton Buzzard has a good range of local independent shops including furniture, electrical, and gift shops offering a range of quirky one off gifts that you can’t find in major retail stores. It also has a vast choice of eateries so why not let Leighton Buzzard be your destination on May 3!

“Leighton Buzzard high street is thriving and we as retailers want shoppers to feel that retailers are doing their bit to keep the town alive.

“We feel that shoppers are loyal to the independent shops in Leighton Buzzard because they know they will get good customer service, something that is lacking in the bigger stores. Red Saturday is about retailers giving something back for customer loyalty.”