What’s brewing after 100 years!

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A new micro-brewery is opening in Leighton Buzzard – bringing ale production back to the town for the first time in 100 years!

The Leighton Buzzard Brewing Company is the realisation of a long-held wish of Bedford Street, Leighton resident Jon d’Este-Hoare to turn his passion and hobby into a local business.

Located on the Harmill Industrial Estate off Grovebury Road, from August the brewery will produce cask ales for sale to the local pub and club trade, and will open on Saturdays for the public to visit, sample, and buy beer direct in two and four pint take-out containers and 500ml bottles.

Jon, 36, said: “Leighton Buzzard is a great town with a real sense of community which is why I have long held a desire to open my own business here.

“Opening on a Saturday is really important to me as it will be great to have the opportunity to meet our customers and provide the best service possible. Of course I hope the brewery is not only enjoyed by locals, hopefully the chance to visit the town to try our beer and visit the brewery will add to the already considerable appeal of our town”.

The father-of-two currently works full-time in the renewable energy industry but will be reducing his hours once the brewery is operational with view to being completely full-time when possible.

He said: “I have been passionate about good beer for exactly half my life now – I joined CAMRA (Campaign for Real Ale) when 18.

“I first brewed at home about the same time but university, travelling, family etc. got in the way until about five years ago I started brewing again.

“At home I don’t use the home brew kits which many think of when they hear the words ‘homebrew’; I use the raw ingredients exactly replicating the commercial scale process.

“I have shared my beers widely –both with those who might consider themselves ‘connoisseurs’ of a good beer and mates who normally would just drink a mass-produced lager and got a good response – good enough to be doing what I am doing!

“The brewing plant I have secured is coming from Bewdley Brewery in Worcestershire who are up scaling their plant and will be installed mid July.”

Between the middle of the 19th Century and early 20th Century the former Leighton Buzzard Brewery used to occupy the current Waitrose site and the walk down to the High Street.

Watford-based brewer Benskins were the last owners of the brewery before closing it in the early 20th century.

For more information the micro brewery contact Jon on 07538903753, email at jon@leightonbuzzardbrewing.co.uk or see www.leightonbuzzardbrewing.co.uk.