Parking proves a big problem

Rik Mannion with his Parking Charge Notice from Park Direct UK

Rik Mannion with his Parking Charge Notice from Park Direct UK

Two more residents have been hit with ‘unfair’ £100 Parking Charge Notices by Park Direct UK.

James Magill, of The Wharf, Linslade, parked outside his bay to carry his newborn son upstairs, and was fined £60, it has since gone up to £100.

He said: “After phoning Park Direct UK to say that I was only running my son up to my wife in the flat as I didn’t want to cause possible damage lifting him and his car seat out as the bays are fairly narrow I was told ‘that isn’t our problem, you was parking out of a designated area the fine stands’.

“I really feel this is an unfair fine and don’t think I should have to pay for this.”

Another Leighton Buzzard resident, Mr Rik Mannion, 36, dropped his two youngest children in Town Bridge Mills, was also issued with a parking charge notice, which has risen to £100.

He said: “The other parking spaces say permit holders only but the one I was parked in did not have the sign, it is very confusing, it seems unfair.

“I need to drop kids off at the weekend, if this carries on the parking notices will be more than my rent”

A spokesperson for Park Direct UK,referring to Mr Mannion’s fine, said: “We can confirm that the PCN was cancelled on the 24th June.”

Both Parking Charge Notices have now been cancelled.




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