Cottage left without water for weeks after blunder

Anglian Water has been criticised for turning up late and then leaving a cottage without water for almost two months.

During the redevelopment of Wing Hall Trust’s Charlotte Cottage into one-bedroomed flats, the trust prepaid £6,000 for the water supplier’s services only for nobody to turn up on the day agreed.

And when workers did turn up they connected the house to an obsolete main without water. A furious Malcolm Oliver, from the trust, said last week: “We have no way of telling people when our flats will be available and continually let others down.”

Antony Innes, from Anglian Water, told the LBO: “We are very sorry for the delay in connecting the new flats at Charlotte Cottage to the mains water supply. Unfortunately, the planned work incorrectly located an old, defunct pipe as a suitable connection.

“As soon as we realised this mistake we notified the customer that we needed to review our plans and make sure there would no disruption to customers in the local area before continuing.

 “We have now identified a ‘live’ water main close by and will be completing the work in the next fortnight.

“Developers are required to contribute toward the cost of new connections like this; however the longer connecting pipe now needed will be installed at no additional cost to The Wing Hall Trust.”

The work was initially supposed to be carried out on April 7, but after months without the new supply, Mr Oliver said he had been told the problem was due to be sorted out yesterday after an apology from the water suppliers.

Mr Oliver added:“Thanks for LBO’s interest and it seems it may well be that which has resulted in the action we see today, so much appreciated.”