Cat-flap thieves raid two homes in Leighton-Linslade

A teen was attacked during a robbery
A teen was attacked during a robbery

A Linslade family had to cut short their holiday after their home became the latest target for burglars.

The pet sitter alerted police and the owners when she arrived to find the house, in Southcourt Avenue, in total disarray.

The worried woman ran to get her husband who searched the house to ensure there was no-one still on the premises.

It was the second burglary in three days where thieves have managed to reach house keys through a cat flap. The break-in is believed to have happened sometime during Sunday night and Monday morning.

The house-owner, who doesn’t want to be named, contacted the LBO after reading on our website about a similar burglary that took place last Friday in South Street.

She said: “Fortunately nothing was taken although several drawers and cupboards had been rifled through and it seems they were looking for cash and jewellery, but as we were away we had most things with us.

“I thought there was a clear link and that it may help with catching the perpetrators if people were aware that more than one burglary like this has happened in the space of a weekend.

“We had to cut our holiday short as we weren’t due back until Tuesday, but the pet sitter rang us Monday morning after she came in and noticed the kitchen cupboards were open. She came back with her husband who searched the house but it was mostly just open drawers and the intruders had been through our boxes of important documents in the study.

“It seems they were looking for jewellery and gave up quite quickly when they couldn’t find any. They found my spare car key but didn’t touch the car. They went through my jewellery box but must have assumed it was all worthless.

“They may have been disturbed. The pet sitter called the police who have found some glove prints.”

Anyone with information should contact Beds Police on the non emergency number 101. Police strongly advise people not to leave door keys in the open and close to cat flaps or open doors/windows.