Cub Eva achieves rare feat

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A 10-year-old Cub from the 1st Leighton Buzzard Scout Group has accomplished the rare feat of earning all 34 activity badges.

Eva Patterson, who turns 11 in June, capped off two-and-a-half years of hard work by earning the final badge for martial arts after a karate demonstration.

She is one of only three girls in the Grovebury Road pack and became its first member to complete the full collection.

Eva learned how to ride a horse, skate and pitch a tent and developed skills in art, astronomy, navigation and personal safety, among others – ensuring she will certainly live by the Cub Scout motto of ‘Be Prepared’.

Eva said: “I like all the different things we do at Cubs – not just the games but all the activities we do.

“I think it’s quite nice just having a few girls in the group.

“My favourite badge was the animal care one.

“I liked learning about animals and looking after them – I have a pet cat and I had rabbits at the time as well.

“The chef badge was the most difficult. I had to cook a meal and that was a bit hard.”

Children usually spend only around two or three years as Cubs before becoming Scouts around their 11th birthday, making achievements like Eva’s extremely uncommon.

Her dad, Richard, who is also the troop’s Cub Scout leader, added: “I don’t think there are many clubs in the country who have someone who’s achieved this.

“I know one other cub in the Linslade pack that did it but that was two years or so ago.

“It’s not something that I’ve pushed Eva to do, she enjoys getting the badges.

“Because we have 26 Cubs and 23 of them are boys, she really wants to push herself.

“She worked hard for it and is very proud of what she has achieved.”

The Cubs meet on Tuesday evenings at 7pm at the Grovebury Road Scout hut.