Cute kittens abandoned in cardboard box

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Five kittens found abandoned in a cardboard box have been cared for by a Leighton vets.

A woman heard meowing near her home when she made the discovery in Oakley Green, Leighton Buzzard. The kittens were taken to Ark House Vets in Hockliffe Street where they have received treatment and care.

The black and white kittens were hungry, dirty and covered in fleas and worms. One kitten had conjunctivitis. They have now all had the right treatments and are doing well.

Vet Kate Semple said: “Sadly this is not uncommon, people need to get their cats neutered”.

The kittens were thought to be around six weeks old when they were found on Sunday, June 1.

The kittens, three boys and two girls who currently don’t have names are also being supported and looked after by Cats Protection’s Luton, Dunstable and District branch. The kittens are currently in foster care, however will all need a permanent and loving home.

If you think you can give one of these kittens a home, call Cats Protection on 0845 3712746.

Kate also told the LBO about a previous case where someone had left a cat in a sealed cardboard box outside Ark House’s backdoor. One of the nurses found it and it was unharmed.