Join the debate on climate change

An exhibition and debate on climate change takes place on Tuesday , June 17 at Stewkley Village Hall.

Presented by SAVE (Support Aylesbury Vale’s Environment), the keynote speaker will be Dr Martin Hodson, an eminent scientist who teaches at both Oxford Universities and is director of the John Ray Initiative.

He will be outlining the science behind the recent International Panel on Climate Change report and suggesting appropriate actions that individuals, can take.

The evening will also provide an opportunity for young people to express their views on the future of our planet. An exhibition by local energy efficiency businesses will be demonstrating what people can do to make their homes cheaper to heat and healthier places to live.

Peter Forest, chairman of SAVE said: “I am looking forward immensely to the Climate Change event in Stewkley.

“Dr. Hodson gave a memorable talk to the SAVE Symposium last year, held in Aylesbury Vale District Council’s Gateway Centre, and this will be a wonderful opportunity to hear more about the science of climate change as well as to hear and see ideas about what we can do ourselves.”

The exhibition will open at 6pm and presentations will begin at 7 pm. Contact SAVE secretary Rob Smart for further information on