‘Even flytipped rubbish is being damaged!’

Meadow Way fly-tipping/graffiti
Meadow Way fly-tipping/graffiti
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A clean-up operation has been taking place in Meadow Way, Leighton Buzzard after a spate of graffiti earlier this week.

A resident contacted the LBO with numerous pictures revealing the extent of the vandalism.

Meadow Way fly-tipping/graffiti

Meadow Way fly-tipping/graffiti

The resident told the LBO: “It’s hard to take pride in the area you live in when you see that one deliquent has decided that their time is best spent spraying graffiti all over people’s belongings and property.

“Sixteen pictures attached but many more available for viewing anytime you walk around Meadow Way. Most seemed to appear on Saturday night at some point.

“It really winds me up that such a neanderthal action can affect so many people.

“It gets to a point where even flytipped rubbish is being damaged.”

Town and Central Beds Councillor Amanda Dodwell was also contacted by the resident and arranged for council staff to remove the dumped rubbish and clean up the graffiti.

She said: “ I agree that it [the graffiti] makes the estate look untidy and encourages further vandalism.”