Fury over wait for compensation after lamp post collapses onto car

Mrs McCann has been left waiting six months for compensation
Mrs McCann has been left waiting six months for compensation

A Leighton resident has slammed Central Beds Council for “dragging their feet” as she waits for compensation after a lamp post collapsed on her car.

Julia McCann, of Jupiter Drive, complained to the council after a lamp post in front of her drive collapsed on Christmas Day– falling onto the roof of her car.

The collapse caused an estimated £3,500 damage to the VW Golf, while Mrs McCann’s van will also require paintwork worth £500.

The incident occurred four months after the concrete post was replaced with a half concrete, half aluminium lamppost– with aluminium cladding around the base.

Six months after the collapse Mrs McCann is without compensation, while the damage to her car is worsening.

She told LBO: “I’m upset and annoyed that this has taken so long, six months and I am no closer to any compensation for what happened.

“I can’t afford to pay for the damage out of my pocket and I can’t use my car insurer as it was not caused while I was driving.

“Every week that goes by the condition of my car is deteriorating, there is damage to the roof, the door trims need to be replaced and I can’t sell the car until it has been fixed.”

Mrs McCann has been told by the council’s public liability insurer– B4 Legal– that she will not be contacted by them until June at the earliest as they have a 13 week turnaround on claims.

She said: “I feel like I am constantly being fobbed off.”

A council spokesperson said: “We are sorry for any delay but we are investigating the claim on a detailed and individual basis, as we do with all claims, and will let the customer know as soon as a decision is reached.”