Green group urge PM to keep pledge

South Beds Friends of the Earth campaign in Leighton

ENVIRONMENTAL watchdogs, South Beds Friends of the Earth, were in Leighton town centre on Saturday drumming up support for their campaign for a UK energy revolution.

The group is calling on Prime Minister Gordon Brown to keep his promise to generate 15 per cent of our energy from green energy sources by 2020 and to get on with the job of building a thriving British renewable energy industry.

Members asked passersby to sign postcards urging Mr Brown not to renege on this pledge.

SBFoE treasurer Ken Barry said: "There was a lot of interest and we would like to thank everyone who took the time to support us in getting our message across.

"Rising energy bills and the threat of climate change means generating green energy from renewable sources such as wind, sun, waves and tides has never made more sense for our wallets and for the planet.

"Investing in renewable energy will bring enormous benefits to the UK. It will help us avoid dangerous climate change, provide a clean and secure energy supply and create hundreds and thousands of jobs and billions of pounds worth of business.

"The Prime Minister must stop trying to wriggle out of his green promises and get on with building a thriving British renewable energy industry."

Mr Barry said the signed cards will be forwarded to South West Beds MP Andrew Selous for him to pass on to Mr Brown.

"We are urging everyone to join the energy revolution and contact their MP in support of this campaign," he said.