Head sees positives after Ofsted rules Academy ‘requires improvement’

Linslade Academy 'requires improvement', according to Ofsted
Linslade Academy 'requires improvement', according to Ofsted

An Ofsted report which has ruled that Linslade Academy requires improvement is “as expected”, according to the school’s headteacher.

Inspectors visited the academy, formerly Linslade Middle School, on March 26 and 27 and ruled that it ‘requires improvement’ in quality of teaching, achievement of pupils and in leadership and management.

Behaviour and safety of students was an area where the school fared better, with the Ofsted report– released last week– putting this at a ‘good’ level.

Despite this inspectors issued concerns over student progress and the level of teaching currently in place.

The report read: “(Students) make inconsistent progress as they move through the school and pupils, including the most able, do not always reach the levels of which they are capable.

“Teachers’ expectations of pupils’ learning in some classes are not high enough and stops pupils making the good progress of which they are capable.”

Conversely the report found that the “quality of leadership and teaching is improving, leading to increasing rates of pupils’ progress.”

Linslade Academy headteacher Kate Smith told LBO that the report is “as expected” and that it “recognises green shoots at the Academy.”

She said: “The report is in line with my judgement of the school which has been through a difficult period but is moving forward.

“The leadership are aware of the problems and are working hard to make improvements. There is no complacency over this.”

Ms Smith added that since arriving in her post in September 2012 she has put in place a three-year plan, which is “not a quick fix”.

She said: “We were never going to be able to provide quick fixes to the problems at the school and it has been necessary to start at the root and go upwards.

“The new team were mindful of the legacy that was left and we are keenly aware that the school needs to give as good an education as it can. This report is a mandate for us to move forward.”