Healthier eating is encouraged by scheme

Martin Phillips: eating out, eating well
Martin Phillips: eating out, eating well

A campaign to reward food outlets for providing eaters with healthier choices has been launched by the Bucks County Council’s Trading Standards.

They’re approaching around 2,000 restaurants, pubs and canteens to encourage them to sign up for the Eat Out Eat Well award.

Already, in the first days of the campaign, 30 restaurants and cafes have signed up. And four of them are aiming for the top level gold award. The Betsey Wynne, Swanbourne has got a bronze award already.

Campaign leader Ben Fletcher said the award’s three levels - bronze, silver and gold - are based on a scoring system that takes into account the food on offer, cooking methods, and how healthy choices are promoted. To go for gold, staff need to do special nutrition training.

“With such a focus on healthy eating, our aim is to encourage eateries to provide healthier options for their eaters,” said Ben. “As the demand for healthy choices grows it’ll be increasingly important that menus meet that demand - and the Eat Out Eat Well award is a great benchmark.”

Martin Phillips (pictured), Cabinet Member for Community Engagement, said: “This isn’t about nannying people into what to eat, but it’s about widening the choices so that residents can eat out healthily with confidence. This award can be a real feather in the cap for local eateries.”

Food outlets can get Eat Out Eat Well information by emailing