Hefty fine for drivers who cause ‘danger’ in bus zone

Cllr Ray Berry and Sgt Andy Rivers
Cllr Ray Berry and Sgt Andy Rivers

A crackdown on drivers using Leighton High Street’s designated bus zone will see culprits fined if they decide to ignore signs and take a shortcut.

The hefty charge will come as a blow to drivers who access the town centre from the Bridge Street side instead of the vehicle access area at the Market Square end. Fixed penalties will now be posted through offender’s doors if they’re caught on CCTV making a speedy getaway.

Speaking on behalf of the Leighton-Linslade Town Council police liaison committee, chairman Councillor Ray Berry, said: “It annoys me that there are people who put other people at risk because they don’t realise it is buses only for a purpose.

“It’s dangerous because bus drivers will look in their mirror for other buses as they are pulling off, but don’t expect to see cars driving there. And then you’ve got pedestrians stepping out from behind the bus and a car goes whizzing past.

“People have the attitude that the rules don’t apply to them. We would not have made it buses only in the first place if it had not been necessary. It is the only place in town that is just theirs, like a local bus station I suppose, where they can turn round and pull into their bay.

“Cars create a hazardous situation. We have to protect the bus drivers from others who are making that environment very dangerous. The intention of the police will be to prove the person concerned committed the offence based on CCTV footage, which will hopefully be a deterrent.”

Sgt Andy Rivers added: “Police officers will be using all available resources to take positive action against people contravening the no vehicle access.”