Helping Zambians escape from poverty

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A former Vandyke student will travel to Zambia on Tuesday (April 22) as an international volunteer.

Stephanie Berry, 18, of Danes Way, will work with the Restless Development charity to help young people gain the life skills needed to escape the poverty cycle.

A team of 17 volunteers will concentrate on issues such as civil partnership, employment and sexual health.

The latter, in particular, will be a main focus of Stephanie’s work as over 150,000 18-24-year-olds in Zambia are HIV positive.

Stephanie took her A-level exams last year but found the traditional route from sixth form to university unappealing.

She said: “After I got my A-level results I didn’t fancy going to university or anything like that.

“I wanted to do something more exciting and I thought this was a really good opportunity.

“I feel it gives young people like me a chance to reflect and challenge yourself into making a positive change in your own life and the lives of others.”

Stephanie has raised over £250 and is targeting a total of £800. To make a donation, visit