Honoured to be a guest for royal visit from Duchess

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A Leighton Buzzard man who lived at Bletchley Park for ten years during the 1940s was thrilled to be an invited guest for a royal visit from The Duchess of Cambridge .

Neville Budd, 75, of Hockliffe Street, looked on as the Duchess visited on Wednesday. It marked the completion of the £8 million restoration of Codebreaking Hut 6 and she also saw the vibrant new Block C Visitor Centre.

He said: “The new entrance to Bletchley Park is now Block C, which after the Second World War our father was the manager. He worked in Bletchley Park with the Foreign Office from 1940 until 1950.”

Neville revealed that after the war he and his sisters had played in Block C on many occasions. He said: “We were very sad when we left the parks as we had lived there for ten years and remember it as our garden.”

He added that both he and his brother and sisters had also been invited to Bletchley Park when the Duke of Kent opened it as a museum in 1995, with his sisters presented the wall hanging which is now on display in the mansion.

Of last week’s royal occasion, Neville said: “The Duchess wore a blue and white dress with gold buttons and looked most elegant. I feel very honoured and proud to have been at the opening and feel this way because of the work carried on by everyone who worked there during the Second World War. They helped shorten the war by at least two years and kept the secret for so many years after, but we are so proud of our dad.”

Both Neville and his sister Jean are volunteer stewards at Bletchley Park – where the Duchess’ grandmother worked during the war.