Illegal parkers in Heath and Reach ‘risking lives’

Irresponsible motorists parking on a zebra crossing in Heath and Reach risk endangering lives, according to the village’s top cop.

The crossing, on Bird’s Hill outside Co-op, is a relatively recent addition to the road after it was included in a £90,000 traffic calming package for the village agreed on last year.

Despite residents having to fight for the crossing for more than 20 years a number of motorists have defied the restrictions.

Sgt Andy Rivers has confirmed to LBO that drivers parking on the zig zags had caused ‘several’ near misses as the view of pedestrians is obscured.

He said: “It has become a really serious problem and I am getting pictures sent to me every day of people parking there.

“It impacts on the safety of the crossing so we have started to do patrols and have prosecuted drivers.”

Sgt Rivers added that the problem had become widespread,

He said: “I have personally visited six repeat offenders and have sent 200 letters to warn that this is an offence.

“Most think that they will just get a ticket but this is three points on your licence and a £100 fine.”