Illusionist’s magic moments with TV’s Paul O’Grady

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A Linslade illusionist wowed the nation when he involved TV presenter Paul O’Grady in some of his amazing routines.

Matthew McGurk, of Townbridge Mill, Leighton Road, perfromed four show-stopping illusions live on The Paul O’Grady Show with the host assisting with the magic.

Matthew was asked to not only appear on the show but to also open and close it.

He said: “I got an email through my website that asked if I would be interested in appearing on the show. I’ve had emails like this before and it’s usually a researcher that has also contacted over 100 magicians, so it’s very rare that it actually goes any further.

“However on this occasion they had already decided that they would like me and the show was confirmed within two days.”

Matthew opened the show by making Paul appear by magic from one of the illusions. He later then closed the show with The Fire Spiker, a dangerous illusion which he has become known for.

He then performed a dangerous escape involving Paul which had a hilarious ending.

Matthew had to divert away from his usual dramatic style of presentation as the producers wanted Paul to be involved with the illusions.

This created a big challenge for Matthew, who said: “They wanted Paul to assist me and improvise around me as I presented the illusions.

“Paul is hilarious and very un-predictable. We only had one run through before we went live to the nation. It was nerve wrecking! The show went really well and Paul is such a gent, he loved performing with us and asked if he could come on tour with us later in the year. I don’t think I could afford him!”

Matthew also got to perform alongside Rupert Everett and stars from the hit comedy series Goodness Gracious Me.

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