Leighton Buzzard Train Station parking fees offer ‘value’

Leighton Buzzard Train Station

Leighton Buzzard Train Station


Drivers parking at Leighton Buzzard Train Station are getting “value for money”, London Midland has insisted.

A spokesman for the train company claimed their prices are not to blame for the war between commuters and people living nearby because they have “done their bit” by building a new £1million car park in 2009 to provide 150 more spaces.

But commuters parking on Linslade streets to avoid paying £7.20 a day, at peak time, say they refuse to be charged on top of a whopping near-£4,000 annual bill to travel to London Euston – although Central Beds Council recently implemented yellow lines to restrict this.

Ged Burgess, of London Midland said: “We invested £1million on extra parking at Leighton Buzzard train station, so we need to recoup this through charging people to park there.

“Even if we made it cheaper it would not make any difference; people would still avoid paying. I would not say the station parking is a high price; it is the market price for the area, which varies from place to place. In experience of other parts of the country where they have made parking free it means the car park gets full up and cars will overflow onto nearby streets anyway.

“They are paying a lot of money but they are getting value for money with secure parking, it’s well lit and kept safe. It is expensive, but it is because it is at a time when everyone wants to park.

“We have been working with local authorities to discourage people from driving by improving cycle facilities and finding other sustainable ways of getting to the station.

“But we have to face facts that many people will still want to drive to the station and I have no control over that.”




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