Leighton’s Blockbuster under threat of closure?

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Today’s announcement that Blockbuster has gone into administration has threatened over four thousand jobs and could mean the closure of Leighton’s store.

The video and games rental company on Waterborne Walk is one of their 528 shops that have run into problems since the rising popularity of internet film rental services like iTunes, Netflix and Lovefilm.

A spokesman for the Leighton Buzzard Blockbuster store said: “All I can say is we have gone into administration.”

After the announcement Blockbuster began to trend on Twitter across the UK and people from Leighton Buzzard commented on today’s events.

Steve Goodwin said: “With the amount of films available on the net tv etc etc These stores are a thing of the past.”

Jamie Farmer said: “No need for shops like Blockbuster anymore really, with the likes of Sky, Netflix, LoveFilm and iTunes.”

Neil Wadsworth said: “Yes always found the staff friendly and helpful, be a shame if it closes.”

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