Flooding makes pensioners prisoners in their homes

Flooding in Ivinghoe Aston, near to The Swan pub

Flooding in Ivinghoe Aston, near to The Swan pub


Elderly people are trapped in their homes in Ivinghoe Aston by floods and leaking sewage.

After weeks of heavy rain, the road has flooded and residents are struggling to get in and out of their front doors.

Sharon Stuart, 54, who lives in one of the Little Orchard properties, said she has been taking her elderly neighbours food as they cannot leave their properties.

Sharon said: “Most of the people who live in these houses are in their 70s and 80s. They are not going to be paddling about in their wellies. We’ve been taking them food and making sure they are ok but this is happening every week and nothing is being done about it.”

Anglia Water and Aylesbury Vale District Council have been contacted.

>Have you been affected by flooding? Contact News@lbobserver.co.uk .




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