No one hurt as strong winds hit the town

Tree falls on car. Photo by Alex Hollowday

Tree falls on car. Photo by Alex Hollowday

An afternoon at The White Hart Harvester, Hockliffe, turned into ‘something from a disaster movie’ as the restaurant was hit by a strong gust of wind on Sunday, August 10.

The trees that line the pub garden were hit by the wind, one fell on to a parked car and others blocked part of the road.

Leanne Hollowday, of Leighton Buzzard, was dining at the restaurant with her family when the wind hit.

She said: “The trees were hit by a sudden squall, throwing debris, dust, leaves and branches into the air which spiralled around like something from a disaster movie and several parasols over the benches were ripped up and tossed in a heap at the far end of the garden, we were sat wide eyed, wondering what was happening and what might happen next.”

Sam Biddlecombe, Harvester assistant manager, said: “An elderly couple were sitting in the pub area and a big gust of wind knocked a tree over onto their car. The general manager was quick to respond and called someone out to come and remove the tree.

“A member of staff from the kitchen offered to drive the couple home while the tree was removed and the general manager drove their car home to them.”

Mrs Hollowday added: “There was almost a sense of disbelief, it was literally over within seconds, the staff reacted quickly to an unusual event.”

Other parts of the town were also hit by the bad wind on Sunday afternoon.

A man was walking his dog in Leighton Buzzard, when he saw a tree fall in front of him, he said: “It was like a mini hurricane.”

In Stanbridge, there was a lucky escape for staff and customers at The Five Bells, as the willow tree, that stands at the driveway, was ripped down by a strong gust of wind.

Simon Stephens-Young, general manager of The Five Bells, said: “There was a sudden spell of about five to ten minutes of strong wind that knocked down the willow, we are really lucky that no one was hurt and there was no damage, it could have been a lot worse.”




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