Spirited new venture

Christine Chambers and Linda Kimmance have recently opened Crystal House Wellbeing Centre

Christine Chambers and Linda Kimmance have recently opened Crystal House Wellbeing Centre

It is in our human nature to sometimes judge before understanding something, but as the saying goes ‘don’t judge a book by its cover’ or in this case, a new Holistic Therapy Centre in Leighton Buzzard, writes Amanda Devlin.

Two sisters who lived apart for most of their adult life, decided to unite and launch Crystal House Wellbeing Centre, of Plantation Road, after discovering their shared interest in the holistic approach to life and wellbeing.

Christine Chambers and Linda Kimmance asked me to experience therapies for the mind, body and soul, as well as have my first ever reading by ‘Medium Vikki’.

Without being cynical, I was slightly fearful of being conned.

However, I left the reading pleasently surprised; Vikki was able to tell me aspects about my personality that a stranger could not have known, as well as explain which direction she saw my life going in while using Angel Cards.

During the reading, she also said that she could see orbs flashing past me and when I listened back to the tape, there was unexplained knocking that kept happening throughout as if someone wanted their presence to be known – although I heard nothing at the time.

As a practical person, I have found this to be a very difficult part of my experience to explain, as I am not inherently spiritual, but it has left me wondering – is there more out there than meets the eye?

I think that’s what was most interesting about my visit to Crystal House. It wasn’t about the psychic, or the therapies, but about opening up my mind to something new and putting aside any preconceived ideas.

And as a newbie to the idea of spiritual practices, my eyes were opened even further when I was then treated to reiki by Christine, which left me feeling completely relaxed, in control and with a fresh outlook on my thoughts.

The sisters, from Heath and Reach, have opened Crystal House in just six short weeks and are now working with 14 talented therapists, with plans to organise talks at the centre about diabetes and nutrition, that they say will help people in their everyday lives, as well as inviting international medium Jan Harris in the New Year.

Reiki master Christine said: “We wanted it to be totally unique and it is, there is nothing else like it. We are not a beauty salon, we’re not just a wellbeing centre we encompass everything. We wanted to be part of the community, but we also wanted to give something back. We wanted to provide a service and that’s how it’s worked and it is progressing all the time.”

Linda: “We have always got on so it has been no problem at all, but we are very different. Christine is the therapist and I am more the admin side.

“The timing was right, it was just one of those things. We both bring something different to this partnership.”

“We have really had a lot of support from local people, they have come out in their droves and made an effort so it has been fantastic.”

>For more information and to see all the therapies on offer, visit www.crystalhousewellbeingcentre.co.uk or call 01525 373627 or 07852 237011.




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