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The “bulging biceps” of Leighton’s superhero are to be flexed to fight against planning restrictions set by “pathetic”Central Beds Council.

Landlord of The Office, Graham Kelmen, has submitted a planning application to return The Buzzard to its rightful perch above the Lake Street pub.

Graham said: “Well, Mr Berry [Councillor Ray Berry who sits on Central Beds Council’s planning committee]invited me to submit a planning application so I have.

“He thinks it’s just a bit of fun but I’m determined to prove my point. It is highlighting how pathetic they have been and now the ball is in the council’s court.

“Mr Berry is protector of Lake Street – I’ll stick him up where the superhero used to be if it doesn’t get approved!”

Around 250 people signed a petition to save the superhero, although the application for listed building consent claims “there are many more supporters who were too drunk at the time to remember their names”.

And when asked to describe the design of the superhero, Graham’s application states: ‘The Buzzard stands an impressive two metres tall, has bulging biceps and wears his pants over his trousers. His favourite colours are grey and red.’

Further into the application, when asked about the safety aspect of the superhero, he added: “At the end of the night many of the locals can be seen in conversation with The Buzzard prior to their journey home.

‘It is almost without question that the area benefits from the greater safety as a result of The Buzzard’s presence.”

The application was made through Rosser Morris Ltd, which is based at The White House on Hockliffe Street.

But in response to whether the application was made tongue and cheek, Graham said: “It’s a serious application, but the council won’t take it seriously. Actually, Graham Rosser who sorted out the application thought it was highly amusing and didn’t take me seriously at first.”

Back in October, Councillor Ray Berry admitted he stitched up the town’s superhero to Central Beds Council when he reported The Buzzard after receiving two complaints from people in the town. Mr Berry was unavailable for comment before the LBO went to press.




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