VIDEO: Chemical spill fear on McDonald’s buns in Leighton

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A man who became ‘violently ill’ after chomping on a McDonald’s burger says he feels let down by the food giant and vows to never tuck in again.

Jason Gibbs, 38, stopped off at the Billington Road, Leighton Buzzard branch on his way home from Grovebury Cars for a McChicken Sandwich - but what he got instead was a dodgy tummy and a two-week course of antibiotics.

Jason said: “I started to eat it before I drove away from McDonald’s car park. It tasted OK on the first bite but the second mouthful tasted as if there was something in the burger.

“I spat what I had eaten out and took it back to ask them what the problem was it.

“They told me they had had an issue earlier on in the day, so I asked for my money back and they said that was fine so I went on my way, obviously not thinking I was going to be very sick.

“But when I got to Dagnall I started feeling violently ill so I made the decision to go to urgent care in Hemel Hempstead.

“I was told to keep drinking water until I could see a nurse, which I did but was quickly transferred to see a doctor.”

Jason says his lips started to dry up and he had a chemical taste in his mouth as well as sickness and cramps.

He claims that his partner called the McDonald’s branch that evening and was told staff believed there had been a chemical spill on a batch of buns and that they were being sent away for testing.

“The main concern to me is that I am old enough to realise that what I’m eating doesn’t taste right, but kids can sometimes get pressurised by their parents to finish their food.

“If there was a young child saying they didn’t like it or was generally moaning about the food saying they didn’t want it, their parents might just say ‘just eat it, just eat it’.

“So if a child, say five or six years old had eaten all of that then they could have been really poorly.

Jason’s antibiotic course ended on Monday, but he is returning to the doctors this week to find out why he is still retching with certain foods.

He is still awaiting contact from McDonald’s to hear their explanation on the matter.

Jason, who lives in Hemel Hempstead, added: “I won’t ever eat that rubbish again and will tell as many people as I can about how bad the experience has been and especially about the way McDonald’s have dealt with me.”

A McDonald’s spokesman said: “We can confirm that a burger bun has been sent to a food technology laboratory for inspection following a customer complaint at our Leighton Buzzard restaurant on Monday 18 November.

“A batch of buns was removed after customer reports of the bread tasting unusual.

“Food safety and quality is our first priority and we take complaints of this nature seriously.

“The matter is being investigated and our customer services team are in contact with the customers.

“We apologise to those affected by this reported lapse in our usual high standards.”




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