Long and short of it is she cares

Noah Collins, 4, needs �80,000 for life-changing treatment in the US
Noah Collins, 4, needs �80,000 for life-changing treatment in the US

A Leighton Buzzard mother who admits her hair ‘does not look good short’ is to get it hacked off to an inch all over for two causes close to her heart.

Natasha Creek, 39, of The Maltings, was first inspired by four-year-old Noah Collins, whose plight she heard of through her brother-in-law Neil.

Noah suffers from cerebral palsy and has been accepted for life changing treatment in the US, with the surgery and costs setting his family back by around £80,000.

After hearing of Noah’s predicament Natasha thought of her own two children, three-year-old daughter Bella and six-month-old son Frank.

She said: “I thought about how horrendous it would be if either Bella or Frank had Noah’s condition. It would be great to get accepted for the surgery but a real burden for the family to have the bill.”

After deciding against a marathon to raise money for Noah’s fund, Natasha stumbled across the Little Princess Trust – a charity which provides wigs for children suffering hair loss.

Instantly touched by the cause, Natasha realised she could raise money from a close chop and donate the hair to the trust.

Sculptors salon, in Exchange Parade, has agreed to cut Natasha’s hair free of charge on Thursday.

Just a day after setting an initial target of £250, Natasha had already raised £190. By the weekend it was at £300.

She admitted: “My hair has always been long and doesn’t look good short. But then it is only hair and it will grow back.

“It seemed too good to be true that both causes coincided so I immediately decided to go ahead with it.” To donate log on to http://www.justgiving.com/Natasha-Creek.