Man threatened to leap from chimney

Beds Police are appealing for witnesses
Beds Police are appealing for witnesses
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A dramatic scene lasted for hours when a man threatened to jump from a chimney in Hartwell Crescent.

Police arrived at the scene at about 5.45pm on the evening of Thursday October 23 after two men were spotted up at the dangerous height.

Hartwell Crescent incident

Hartwell Crescent incident

One of the men was drunk and threatening to throw himself from the chimney, while the other tried to talk him down.

Fire and Rescue service were called to assist police. A spokesman from the service said: “As the firefighters prepared to assist police, the man fell from the chimney stack onto the roof of the house, receiving minor injuries.

“A police negotiator talked to the man who was drunk, aggressive and unco-operative and the Fire Service mobilised further crews to assist, sending their arial platform from Luton, the Rescue Support Unit from Stopsley and their specialist working-at-height team and equipment from Dunstable.”

After falling from the chimney on to the roof at around 6.30pm, another hour and a half was spent negotiating with the man.

The drama is understood to have finished at 8pm when the man was brought down to safety, and the street was reopened again at 9pm.

The drunk man suffered minor cuts and bruises from his fall, and was taken into custody by police. The other man on the roof was uninjured.