Motivated to inspire others

Pictured, from left, are Christian Davies, Richard Gossage, Lee Malone and Josh De La Ford
Pictured, from left, are Christian Davies, Richard Gossage, Lee Malone and Josh De La Ford

After a rough start growing up in East London’s Hackney, a 23-year-old has transformed his life to become an inspiration to young people.

Lee Malone of Chelsea Green, Linslade, created the idea behind You Got This, Bro, a ‘modern motivation’ company that aims to inspire, motivate and give advice online.

Lee, who runs the company with his friends from Bideford Green –Josh De La Ford and Christian Davies, 22, and Jonny King, Richard Gossage and Lewis Ottaway, 21 – said: “Honestly this never even seemed a reality for me, but motivating people and making a difference was what I loved doing, so I wanted to give people the opportunities I didn’t have or give them the knowledge now that I wish I had years before.

“Coming from a poor income background like Hackney it’s easy to start to think you can’t get anywhere in life, and even though Leighton is very different to London, it’s easy to fall behind in the shuffle and think you’re not capable of big things.

“This is what we’re trying to do, to help convince people that they are capable of what they want to do, regardless of where they’re from or how they grew up.

“I don’t live in L.A, I wasn’t born into lots of money; your belief may be that you can’t get out of where you come from, but if I can, you can.

“From when we are born we are told that you are a special little snowflake, then you get older and you have to get good job and join the system.

“It’s like you lose your sort of specialness.

“Everyone talks down to themselves, saying they’re just an average joe, but I think it’s better to say I am like everyone else because then you know you can do it.

“I never thought that someone from a poor background like mine could do it.”

You Got This, Bro has just launched a Youtube channel and uploads at least one video a week to offer advice on careers, gym and fitness, social skills and academics.

And that’s not all. You Got This, Bro has been sponsored by O2’s Think Big, which helps young people launch ideas and programmes that benefit the places where they live, by giving them a £300 grant.

But despite their video views continuing to grow, Lee says that there is a preconceived idea about his area of expertise.

Lee said: “It’s crazy to think that when someone says they want to get fit so they’re joining the gym or they’re going to start learning the guitar, that people are so supportive.

“But if you say, that you want to improve your confidence, have better speaking skills or change your body language, their reaction is completely different.

“I think that it needs remarketing. People may say that what I do is like self-help, but I call it self-development; it’s like going to the gym, but for your mind.”

Lee and his team recently visited their old school Cedars Upper to give a talk to sixth formers and they now hope to visit other schools in the area to give advice to students. He said:“-“When we left school, we were entirely not ready for the real world. We didn’t know a thing about real world finances, the University process, how much we had to do and generally we weren’t prepared. Now, we hope to go back and let young people know what we wish we did back then.

“Going back to Cedars was so good - we had our Twitter and Facebook pages blowing up all afternoon. They were sitting there with their eyes wide open on the edge of their seats listening. It was amazing.”

According to Lee, anyone can be more than average and achieve their dreams, but says there are three rules you have to stick to: “You can’t get full-time results from part-time effort; fail again and again and again as much as you can because it is route to success and never stop learning.”

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