MP: ‘Leighton Buzzard can’t go on expanding forever’

South West Beds MP Andrew Selous
South West Beds MP Andrew Selous

Leighton Buzzard’s infrastructure will not be able to cope with further development after 1,220 homes are built in east Leighton, South West Beds MP Andrew Selous has told LBO.

Reacting to the approval for three planning applications which will dramatically change east Leighton, Mr Selous said that the town “cannot go on extending forever”.

He added: “Once these developments are in place I can’t see room for more extension.

“There is a point at which it is no longer acceptable as there is a natural limit.

“Leighton Buzzard is not Luton or Milton Keynes, it is a medieval market town.

“It is a very nice place to live due to its character.”

Despite this, Mr Selous said that new houses were needed.

He said: “We also need to recognise there is a more of a demand for homes, even with the same amount of people.

“This has come through an ageing population, people partnering later in life than previously and higher levels of separation and immigration.

“I do get letters from people asking why houses are not being built.”

Mr Selous added his intention to ensure infrastructure is given precedent over housing.

He said: “We have had a history of housing coming before the infrastructure and I will do everything I can to address this.

“That goes from GP practices, schools, leisure facilities and sports provision to the roads.

“I’m also focused on ensuring there are jobs for those wanting to move here.”