Nostalgia: Ghostly goings on at motorcycle workshop

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Back on May 28, 1963 a ghost made the front page of the LBO!

When Leighton motorcycle dealer Sid Mularney decided to extend his workshop by removing a partition he was taking on more than he anticipated.

For he was certain he had upset a poltergeist. Neighbours were blaming ‘Mularney’s ghost’ for the strange noises that were keeping them awake at night. Mr Mularney, who claimed to have seen the poltergeist’s pranks said he was certain the Lake Street building was haunted.

He told how spanners had flown off hooks on the wall and a tarpaulin covering a bike had soared up into the air.

The article also quoted Lilian Bierton, 76, who said her family used to own the property. Her sister-in-law had died in the house in her early 30s. “I’ve never seen anything like it. It seemed as if insects were crawling from her skin.” She added that her sister-in-law’s son also died there when only a couple of weeks old. The last person to die there was her brother-in-law.

> Pictured is Leighton’s vicar, Canon John Scammell, helping eight-year-old choirboy Nicholas Renshaw stand on his head at the Rogation Day ceremony of ‘Beating of the Bounds’ outside the almshouses in North Street.

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