Oh baby! Look at that mould...

HiPP Organic baby food bought by Laura Rees from Leighton Buzzard
HiPP Organic baby food bought by Laura Rees from Leighton Buzzard

A Leighton mother wants to improve a supermarket’s quality control after she found mould in baby food – and she says an apology isn’t enough.

Laura Rees, 31, of Hartwell Grove, had stocked up on ten jars of HiPP Organic’s Parsnip, Potato and Turkey Casserole for her eight-month-old son Lennon.

Laura, who bought the organic food sealed and in date from Tesco in Vimy Road, Linslade last week, said:“I was nearly sick because of the smell. It’s so scary. We go out of our way to spend extra money for organic food and you put your trust in these companies to give you the good nutrients your baby needs.

“We are both working so we don’t always have the time to give him fresh meals, and then this goes and happens. And all Tesco have offered me is a refund on the product, which I’m really not happy about.

HiPP Organic spokesman said: “We have spoken to Ms Rees who has agreed to send us the sample of the product in question and explained that upon receiving the product we will start a full internal investigation to try and determine why the vacuum seal on this jar has failed and send her a full report of our findings.”

A Tesco spokesman said: “We expect all the branded products we sell to meet our high standards and we were concerned to learn of this issue. Our Customer Service Team has asked Mrs Rees for further details and to return the product so that we can thoroughly investigate with the brand supplier to see what might have happened. We will of course be keeping Mrs Rees updated with the findings.”

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