On the verge of new parking fines

Grass verge destuction
Grass verge destuction

New regulations are being introduced which will see motorists who park on the verge or footpaths penalised.

Central Beds Council has written to Leighton-Linslade Town Council, as well as other parish councils in the district, laying out plans to curb poor parking.

In a letter to local councils, Lee Baldry, deputy head of highways at Central Beds Council, states that the authority has put in place a traffic regulation order to control parking.

He said: “Parking on verges can be a problem in many towns and villages across our area. In appropriate parking on footways and verges results in an unsafe environment for both motorists and pedestrians.”

Mr Baldry said the new traffic order would allow the council to take formal enforcement action “potentially resulting in a fine for the motorist who parks in an inappropriate manner on the verge or footway”.

He said that as well as restricting verge and footway parking, the order would allow the council to implement ‘half on, half off’ footway/road parking in narrow streets that have wide pavements.

Central Beds is now seeking feedback from residents and councillors to help them identify priority sites that would be suitable for a complete ban on verge/pavement parking or where ‘half on, half off’ might be considered.

Once approved signs would be installed at the chosen locations to warn of the new restrictions.

Mr Baldry added: “As this is a new scheme, CBC will undertake a trial site and monitor its success for six months and make any necessary refinements to the procedure before rolling out across the area later in the year.

“We are keen to receive feedback from town and parish councils, residents and other interested parties before we roll it out.”