Parking protest row

Faulkners Way, Linslade
Faulkners Way, Linslade

Finding a working solution to the nightmare of all-day commuter parking in Linslade is causing council officers to tear out their hair.

In September Central Beds Council introduced a parking permit scheme throughout the area in a bid to stop commuters using the train station from clogging nearby residential streets with their vehicles.

But residents in St Mary’s Way and Faulkner’s Way complained that the cost of parking permits was too high and that the scheme was too rigorous.

The permit-only area also meant that residents in nearby Stoke Road, who have no off-road parking, couldn’t park around the corner in Faulkner’s Way without incurring a fine.

So CBC’s officers have come up with ways of amending the scheme to allow two-hours free parking a day and extending the Faulkner’s Way zone to allow Stoke Road residents to buy permits.

But people living in the affected streets are still unhappy.

The council’s traffic management committee approved the amendments on Wednesday despite receiving a petition from St Mary’s Way protesting at the original permit scheme.

A total of 13 letters, 12 of them objections, were received about the proposed amendments.

Petitioners argued the permits were a “stealth visitor tax” and they wanted parking restrictions to only apply during general workday hours.

The highways’ team told the committee: “It is an unfortunate fact that with any scheme to tackle commuter parking it is the residents that have to bear much of the cost and inconvenience.

“If residents wish to ‘re-claim’ their streets, there is a cost to bear.” CBC has reduced the first permit costs from £50 to just £10.

They are also set to hold talks with residents in the St Mary’s Way area on addressing the various issues they have raised.