Pilot seals a future for injured animals

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Leighton Buzzard private pilot Graham Mountford likes nothing better than hopping in his plane for a bird’s eye view of his home town.

And having lived in Leighton for 26 years and been a pilot for 13 of those years he’s seen some great views looking down on the rest of us.

And the good news for LBO readers is that he’s decided to share some of the pictures he’s taken from up in the clouds with the rest of us!

Over the coming weeks and months we’ll be publishing a number of Graham’s pictures. He said: “Even after so long in the town and in the air I am always spotting something new and interesting from above, that’s why I wanted to share the view with LBO readers.

“I have also helped rescue injured seals flying up to Wick in North Scotland to collect injured young seal pups and fly them down to the RSPCA specialist hospital near Kings Lynn for treatment and release.

“They would never survive the 18-hour drive but a two-hour flight at low level gives them a real chance of recovery. I am usually assisted in this be my animal loving daughter Helen who keeps an eye on the seals as I fly the plane.

“Travelling quite a lot with my work (I am director of a consumer products company making products like Colour Catcher, Vim, Punch Shoe Care and Dylon Dyes) I do sometimes get to combine business with pleasure and fly myself to meetings in Italy and France.”

In hisspare time (when not in the air), Graham is a volunteer helper with Leighton Buzzard Children’s Theatre.

To kickstart the series next week we’ll be publishing a view of Linsalde from the air.