Publication of council newsletter is ‘indefensible’

Corry Cashman
Corry Cashman

Cheddington councillor Corry Cashman (Lib Dem) has submitted a motion that Aylesbury Vale District Council stops publishing its council newsletter, The Aylesbury Vale Times.

The motion, submitted jointly with Buckingham South councillor Robin Stuchbury (Labour) will be voted on at the council’s meeting on May 14.

It reads: “It is published by this council at considerable cost to the taxpayer.

“Recently the Minister for Communities and Local Government, Eric Pickles, criticised council-published newsletters as ‘propoganda on the rates’. He said that they ‘not only waste taxpayers’ money unnecessarily but undermine free speech. Many Aylesbury Vale taxpayers may agree with him.”

The motion states that back in 2012, the Labour, Lib Dem and UKIP members of the editorial board resigned when an item on the Vale of Aylesbury Plan was censored by the administration. It says: “In these circumstances the magazine cannot reasonably claim the impartiality it once boasted.”

The motion concludes that given the “dire financial situation” the council is in, the continued publication of the newsletter “seems indefensible”.