RAF sings for chips

Run Devil Run
Run Devil Run

Past and present Royal Air Force personnel with a love of singing have all chipped in with their array of talents to release a single on iTunes.

Run Devil Run has been running since 2010 with lead singer Pat Winn, of High Street North, Stewkley, who is joined by Mark Winter on drums, lead guitarist Mark Warren and Yan Townsend on bass - who despite their profession are true rockers at heart.

Run Devil Run

Run Devil Run

And since a spontaneous decision to create a new version of the classic There’s A Guy Works Down The Chip Shop by Kirsty MacColl, they’re now seeing it climb up on iTunes.

Pat said: “We hadn’t planned on recording ‘Chip Shop’ to be honest, but we were messing about in the studio and ended up doing so.It’s quite random but it has been getting a big interest. It’s rock ‘n’ roll but from the 80s so it is more recent. People of my generation will be able to remember it.

“We write and record a lot of our own stuff, which is mainly country/rock, but we also enjoy doing some of the more unusual covers.

“We actually had one of my compositions played on Radio 2 by Johnny Walker but then suddenly two of us got sent to Kosovo!”

Pat served in the RAF as a sergeant for 22 years, but has since lef t to join the Royal British Legion committee in his home town.

Pat, who is also a member of a Cliff Richard tribute band, said: “At one time, under various guises, Run Devil Run was all made up of RAF personnel.

“These days it’s just one of us still serving full time, with myself huffing and puffing around in the Reserve.”

And during his time in the service, Pat says he was out in Kosovo with singer James Blunt who went on to release hit song You’re Beautiful in 2004, but Pat said: “That’s why I don’t like him! Although, I guess he’s been a bit more succesful than us so far.”

Download Chip Shop on iTunes and search Run Devil Run on Facebook.