RBL branch has plans to commemorate First World War


The Stewkley branch of the Royal British Legion has been busy making plans commemorating the 100th anniversary of the Great War.

The first event featured the Stewkley Singers performing Karl Jenkins’ The Armed Man: A Mass For Peace in St Barnabas Church, Linslade, on Saturday 22 March. The Singers invited the Stewkley Branch of the Royal British Legion to participate.

Donations to the RBL were requested at the concertand collected in lieu of an admission fee and will be used to help servicemen and women and their families in need despite their service to the country.

Chairman of Stewkley RBL, Steve Nicholl, said: “We would also like to create a visible sign of these centenary years by marking the routes into the village with areas growing poppies. Unfortunately, poppies only really germinate in well disturbed/dug soil. We are still seeking a compromise between a visible reminder and messing up the verges!

“Perhaps most importantly, we would like to connect all the children in the village – and adults if interested – with their relatives who served in 1914 -1918.

“For those whose families have lived in the village for generations, the names on the village War Memorial often provide a clear link. However, others will have fought and suffered but not died and those whose families have come to the village more recently have no obvious connection.

“Yet everyone has eight grandparents/16 great-grandparents most of whom will have a Great War history if only we can find it in the archives. Of course there are difficulties of time and security but we hope to find a way through.”

> If you’ve got plans to mark the centenary, email details to news@lbobserver.co.uk