Roles are just what The Doctor ordered

Sisters from Wing picked

Two young sisters have exterminated the opposition to win a part in cult TV classic Doctor Who.

Eden and Merin Monteath will appear in the first episode of the new series of the popular BBC show.

The episode, called The Eleventh Hour, will be aired on Easter Saturday, April 3. But the plot and their roles alongside new Doctor, Matt Smith, are a closely-guarded secret until then.

The, girls from Wing, who have been professional voice-overs and actors since the age of four, auditioned for Doctor Who last autumn.

The duo told the LBO that being in the show is a really big deal in the TV world. Huge stars jump at the chance of playing even the smallest part just to be in the phenomenally successful show.

For Eden, 11, and Merin, 9, this is their first major TV role so they are absolutely thrilled to have been cast.

Eden attends Linslade Middle School and Merin goes to Greenleas Lower in Derwent Road, Linslade.

Initially they were told very little about their parts. Even when they were sent their scripts they didn't know if they would be working with David Tennant or the new Doctor, Matt Smith.

Filming began in October last year. And mum Lindsay said the first day was very exciting. The BBC put them up in a five-star hotel and in the morning they sent a car to take them to the Doctor Who studio where they were given a private tour of some of the sets for the new series.

They soon found out that they would be working with Matt Smith and that the episode they were to film was the very first of the brand new series.

After a costume fitting and rehearsals with director Adam Smith, where they were introduced to their on-screen mum Olivia Coleman (Peep Show and Hot Fuzz), they went back to the hotel conference suite for the read through of their lines with the rest of the cast.

What the girls hadn't been told was that the read through was also a press launch with head writer and executive producer Steven Moffat and the full production team together with reporters from the national newspapers, producers, agents writers and two camera crews, including the Doctor Who Confidential team who later interviewed the girls for their programme.

Mum Lindsay said: "The whole event was quite nerve-racking, but Matt was really great he was funny and very friendly, and made the girls feel totally at ease.

"It turns out that Eden's headmaster at Linslade Middle School had also taught Matt when he was at school in Northampton! Matt was really 'blown away' that they all knew each other and said to say 'hi' to Mr Bromley!"

The girls returned to Wales the next week where they spent four days of intensive filming.

Lindsay said: "No matter who you are or how big the part you play, Doctor Who Productions treat everyone working on the show as equally important and the girls were no exception, even being referred to as 'guest stars' which for Eden and Merin who are possibly two of the show's biggest fans was a huge thrill.

"They were collected early each morning by chauffeur and driven to a secret location in Wales where they had their own trailer opposite Matt's.

"The cast and crew were great, especially the new Doctor and Karen Gillan who plays his assistant Amy Pond.

"The filming was quite complicated and it took a while to set up some of the special effects. While the girls waited the wardrobe team let them have a sneak preview of some of the amazing costumes they had been working on."

Eden and Merin are very excited about being on TV. They haven't forgot their acting roots though and still actively attend Cheddington Youth Drama Club where they are putting on a production of Treasure Island.

Merin is also currently starring in a Coleman's chicken fajitas advert on TV.

Eden said: "We are really looking forward to seeing the episode when is it shown on television."

Showing maturity beyond her nine years, Merin added: "We have been sworn to secrecy about the story and the part we play in it and it will be a great relief not to have to keep the secret any longer!"

Eden and Merin come from a family of actors with mum Lindsay and dad David both enjoying the limelight over their careers. While their grandfather Alec played Dougal in TV's Take The High Road for 15 years.

To see Eden and Merin in Doctor Who with Matt Smith tune into BBC 1 on April 3, time yet to be scheduled.

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