Ruff estimate it’s oldest dog in Leighton

Rachel Hill with a picture of Floyd with her youngest daughter Maisie
Rachel Hill with a picture of Floyd with her youngest daughter Maisie

A Jack Russell who beat the odds and reached the ripe old age of his 19th year (that’s 133 years in dog terms) is thought to have been one of the oldest dogs in LBO land.

Floyd, named after the Dark Side of the Moon’s Pink Floyd, died four years later than the average expectancy life of his breed.

His owner, Rachel Hill, 39, of Cooper Drive, Sandhills, says Floyd died in the arms of her 13-year-old daughter Olivia’s arms just a few days into the New Year.

Rachel said: “It has been devastating to lose him.

“I don’t know for sure if he is the oldest dog or one of the oldest dogs however all the vets in Leighton said they haven’t had one past 18 for a long time.

“Most Jack Russells live between 13 and 15 years old, so it’s actually quite remarkable.

“It feels like a real privilege to have had him in our lives for so long especially seeing as he had just made his 19th year.

“Floyd rattled with tablets for various ailments linked with old age for about five years however he just kept on going and he enjoyed his life right up to the end of last year.

“He died in Olivia’s arms, she was very upset; she thought it was her fault at first but we knew he was in his final days. We are honoured to have had Floyd in our lives for so long. Floyd always took care of us and loved us all loyally and faithfully.

“His life should be a celebration, he truly was a legend.”

Half of Floyd’s ashes are to be scattered in Stockgrove Country Park in Heath and Reach where he loved to play and the rest will be spread at a crematorium in Amersham to lay with Rachel’s dad.

“We just wanted him to be with the person who loved him the most and where he loved spending his time. My dad adored Floyd, he really did.”

The family pet, who loved walks and lived a full and active life until the end, fathered two pups in his younger days and was very protective of his human family.

Mum-of-two Rachel said: “I have several various memories of Floyd. Every night without fail he used to go check on my two children before he went to bed.

“He would sit up on his hind legs like a circus dog when begging for food and when the children were toddlers he would manage to wedge himself to sit right underneath the high chair waiting for the food to be dropped and Olivia’s first word was not Mumma or Dadda it was ‘Oyd’

“He was the most loving dog we could have ever asked for. I loved him with every inch of my body. It is like losing a child. Every time I look down at my feet I expect him to be there.”