School warns parents of ‘suspicious incident’ in Linslade


Warnings that a suspicious man is making students ‘feel uncomfortable’ as they walk to and from school in Linslade has been voiced by Cedars Upper School.

It comes after a safety alert, which had been sent to parents at the Mentmore Road school, was leaked on Facebook yesterday.

It warned that a man described as average height with a bald head wearing grey jacket/coat and black trousers had been seen walking up and down the track between Mentmore Gardens and Grovebury Road.

Claire Powell, student welfare manager, spoke to the LBO today to confirm the safety alert, which asked students to take an alternative route and remain in groups.

Claire said: “We have been made aware of this concern by a number of students who use the track to walk to and from school.

“This information has been passed to the local policing team to investigate further and determine whether this is indeed a suspicious incident; they have also offered short term police patrols in this area.”

The original safety alert was met with anger by some after it was posted on the Spotted Leighton Buzzard Facebook page. One said: “I have a bald nut, am of average height have a grey jacket and black trousers.

“If I am attacked because of this when I take a walk whilst my son plays football at Cedars you may find yourself in a spot of Leighton bother!”

And another added: “Let’s hope some innocent bloke doesn’t get beaten up due to the school letter being leaked on here. If the police know about this then they will deal with it.”

But it follows two recent incidents in the area where young girls were targeted by predators on their way to and from school, including a 12-year-old girl who escaped the clutches of a middle aged man after she was attacked from behind at the junction of Mentmore Road and Wing Road.

Bedfordshire Police have asked the public to report any suspicious behaviour by calling the 101 number or in case of emergency, 999.