Showing signs of a ‘misunderstanding’

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A speed limit sign telling drivers to slow down to 30mph as they enter Little Billington village is to be replaced by Central Beds Council, despite the authority originally telling villagers to do it themselves.

Billington Parish Councillors were told by the authority that a lampost with a ‘Little Billington’ and 30mph sign was being held at the depot and was ready for collection at their earliest convenience.

But the Billington group complained claiming that it is the larger authority’s responsibility to look after the county’s roads and its signs.

The sign was initially knocked over in November and replaced, but damaged again last month.

It is feared that a group of vandals may have repeatedly damaged the speed limit sign deliberately after one councillor explained that the sign has been turned around the wrong way on several occasions.

Vice chairman of Billington Parish Council, Don Brewin, said: “We don’t think it’s up to us to fix the sign.”

Councillor Budge Wells, deputy executive member for sustainable communities services, explained that that the situation was the result of a misunderstanding.

He said: “We are unaware of where this misinformation given to the parish council came from.

“We have checked and the signs are currently in our depot and we’re in the process of checking with utilities as to where their underground pipes and cables are before we re-install them.

“We’ll get the signs back in as soon as possible.”